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Why you shouldn’t take ANYTHING for granted.

EVERYONE complains. There's always someone complaining about something. For most people it's what gets them through the day. It means that you can get it out of your system and get on with your life, which in most ways is totally okay. But for some of us, it would be a luxury for our biggest… Continue reading Why you shouldn’t take ANYTHING for granted.

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Starting Bullet Journalling

Hello beautiful people! So I've been seeing the 'Bullet Journalling" trend A LOT lately and I've finally decided to give it a try! Ive really wanted to start a bullet journal for a while now although have never really seen myself as the 'artsy' type, so was very nervous that it would turn out badly,… Continue reading Starting Bullet Journalling

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wheelchair partner stunting!! (Cheerleading)

Hey guys! Something really awesome happened the other day and I thought I'd let you in on the excitement. As not many of you will know, Before I got sick (you can find out more about it Here) I was an athlete. I did any sport I could possibly get my hands on and was… Continue reading wheelchair partner stunting!! (Cheerleading)


Meeting other bloggers- leave your link!❤️

Hey lovelies❤️ First of all, I'm pretty new to this community and so far I am loving it! - A massive thank you to anyone who supported any of my previous posts and I would love to discover other wonderful blogs that are out there and to connect with people from the community! If anyone… Continue reading Meeting other bloggers- leave your link!❤️

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3 fashion tips for wheelchair users👠♿️

I've always been into fashion, but ever since I became a wheelchair user, I've learned that it's a little more of a struggle to keep up with the latest fashion trends, but Like I've always said throughout my entire journey; there is always a way around it! FYI- Also, i'd just like to add that… Continue reading 3 fashion tips for wheelchair users👠♿️