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Starting Bullet Journalling

Hello beautiful people! So I’ve been seeing the ‘Bullet Journalling” trend A LOT lately and I’ve finally decided to give it a try!

Ive really wanted to start a bullet journal for a while now although have never really seen myself as the ‘artsy’ type, so was very nervous that it would turn out badly, but yesterday I finally decided to take the plunge and suck up my fears!

After a tonne of research, I decided that a journal with dotted paper inside was the most popular design, and so I set out to buy just that! I ended up with a pink and white notebook that just reads “journal” on the front from Wilkos, which was £2.75 and I think is great value for money, looking at the prices on other journals.

The paper inside it looks like this(image below) ; and I stated by writing the date that I started my journal in the front of it. I also did my first page (which I am yet to add colour to) but I am quite happy with how it turned out. I also added an index page. (Pictured underneath).

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