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Why I’m vegetarian 🌱

I have always been one of those people who had the mindset of “I don’t want to know” when it comes to eating meat – and most of the people I’ve spoke to (mainly still meat-eaters) also seem to have a similar mindset when it comes to what happens to the animals that end up on our plate.

P.S; I have made a choice to never push my opinion or values on to others,

so this is purely just for explanatory purposes.

The Backstory to my choice-

I’ve only actually been vegetarian for a few months now, and I’d never really even properly thought about it in the past. I originally decided to go vegan for “veganuary” after reading about the alleged health benefits, hoping to gain some more energy and improve my digestive system after having the worlds worst junk food diet (And being tube fed, but thats a whole different story). I tried it for just over week but the truth is, it’s genuinely a really difficult and strict lifestyle to follow. Also this made family meal times extremely difficult for my poor mum- who tried her best to support my decision but by the second day had definitely had enough. Anyway, by the time i’d realised that there was no way I could live the way I was trying to, I’d done wayyyyy too much research to go back to my old meat-eating days, and figured vegetarian was a compromise.

The other reason-

Before this all started, I was just “the girl in the wheelchair”. And well, truth be told thats probably still how the majority of people see me. But for me, it gave me a different “label” and whilst its sad that labels on people are even a thing, it was nice to have something else to talk about with people, maybe it could change the way I’m seen by others.

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