The truth about life goals.

The other day, my therapist asked me (yes, I have a therapist- No secrets here.) “what do you want out of life” and at first my answer was that I want to walk again, and I could think of millions of reasons why. But after we went through all of those reasons, the conversation ended in ” actually I don’t know”, because truth be told at the end of the day, walking would (and may) eventually be AMAZINGGGGG but at the same time, the fact that I can’t walk isn’t me. It’s definitely a part of me, but it’s not all of me and I genuinely want to figure out what I want out of my life. Walking or not. Well, all in all, the question got me thinking about what I ACTUALLY want to achieve and what morals I always want to stick to etc. I didn’t really know how to express this so I wrote a list for you.

  • To be happy and content overall.
  • To have a good quality of life, no matter what! (Something I feel very strongly about for everybody)
  • To remain true to myself.
  • To always be kind- no exceptions!
  • To have a successful career- one that I enjoy.
  • To do and learn as many different things as I possibly can.
  • To say “yes” more and take risks.

Now, I’m aware that these are all very general things, but that’s exactly my point. There aren’t many people in the world who’s life plans work out. The truth is that ANYTHING could happen, life has sooooo many twists and turns. Some good and some bad. But it seems that having no expectations and just working hard for whatever I want to achieve no matter what happens is the best way forward. And I have decided to write a bucket list, of things to do at some point in my life, so I’m not so crushed if it doesn’t go to “plan”.

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