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3 fashion tips for wheelchair users👠♿️

I’ve always been into fashion, but ever since I became a wheelchair user, I’ve learned that it’s a little more of a struggle to keep up with the latest fashion trends, but Like I’ve always said throughout my entire journey; there is always a way around it!

FYI- Also, i’d just like to add that I didn’t have enough time to take the photos of me wearing these items- for some I have used some photos I already had, and for others I just added examples from the internet.

Here’s the top 3 fashion “hacks” I’ve figured out to make life that little bit easier.

1# Cropped jumpers.

One problem that I have found with wearing full length jumpers is that they seem to pool around my hips (since we’re sat down). This causes problems with the jumper getting stuck/ catching on my wheels, meaning it gets dirty or even ripped. My solution was to wear cropped jumpers. This is one of my favourites-

2# Ripped jeans

Now, this one might not be an improvement for everybody but for me, having the holes in my jeans helps me pull them on myself since I have limited hand function. I also find that in terms of aesthetic, they seem to draw attention to the holes rather than how skinny and out of proportion my legs look. So for everyone who tells me I need some new jeans or I got them from a charity shop- there’s your explanation.

#3 Body suits

Now, I’m well aware that it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to wear body suits as a wheelchair user- you can’t use the toilet and I don’t know about everyone else but sitting down all the time makes them bloody uncomfortable. Now I HAVE found away around this. If you buy the body suits with buttons on the bottom (example below) and DONT clip the buttons (just tuck the body suit into your pants) and nobody will ever know. Problem solved.

I found this one on the new look website.

If you prefer the lifestyle stuff, feel free to read my last post and stay tuned for more -

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3 thoughts on “3 fashion tips for wheelchair users👠♿️”

  1. Yeees, crop tops, crop tops, CROP TOPS!!! ❤
    It's simply the best when using a wheelchair!!

    I have a jumper that I really, really love, a Gryffindor Quidditch one, it's warm, it's gorgeous, I just love it so much. But it's so long… Like, below the bum long and it's just so bad when sitting… I mean I still use it as much as I can, but… yeah… 🙂


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